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Let us handle your marketing projects.

We know that marketing is no easy task! With Marketing Managed, we take that stress away by giving you a project manager to take care of all your marketing needs. All you have to do is meet once a week to get reports.

Your marketing project manager can help you with:

Project Management

You don’t have to worry about the day to day tasks, projects and campaigns anymore! Your manager will do it for you.

Vendor Management

Your new manager will handle all of the vendor communication, including the finding, vetting, and selection.

Reporting Management

Anything your CMO needs to make a decision will now come through your manager. You won’t have to collect data, reports, or metrics.

Engaging with your new marketing manager is a cinch:

No Contract

With Marketing Managed, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a long contract. You’re only on the hook for what you’ve already paid.

Remote Service

Our project managers can always work with your schedule, while working from our own office.

Hourly Billing

You can create a plan that will fit your business’s exact needs with your manager’s hourly billing plan.

Need a marketing manager? Let’s us fix that for you by tomorrow morning.