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Job Openings at Fran Playbook


Fran Playbook is a one-of-a kind company with never before seen services and products, all designed to help small to medium-sized businesses succeed in a much more predictable ways and ultimately help them own their market. We invite you to consider joining us on a noble journey where we focus on changing small business and your career for the better.

Salespeople & Account Executives

Location: Anywhere

If you have a background in selling advertising or marketing products or services, here is your clarion call. We are looking for a professional, hardworking, enthusiastic and well spoken Salesperson & Account Executive. Our ideal candidate will have 3+ years of sales experience with a proven track record of accomplishments in building relationships and achieving sales goals. We need someone who can take our sales leads and turn them into sales. This is a fantastic opportunity for a well driven individual who wants to be with an awesome sales team. .

Posted: 08-17-17

Content/Search Marketing

Location: Provo, Utah

Growing any business is about creating content to be shared on the latest communication and mediums online and can be leveraged to create results. We are looking for a professional, hardworking, enthusiastic and well spoken and writing Content/Search Marketing person. In this position, the candidate is primarily a content marketer, SEO strategists, and/or content writer. In this position, you will have the opportunity to help with other marketing initiatives. Our ideal candidate has experience and/or education in marketing. This is a wonderful opportunity for a well-driven individual who wants to be part of our awesome marketing team.

Posted: 08-17-17

Software Engineering

Location: St. George, Utah

As a part of Fran Playbook’s software division, we are seeking intelligent individuals that can code in Python/Django/JavaScirpt/SASS, speaking is done in English. This is a great opportunity to join our software support and engineering team.

Posted: 08-17-17

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We are always looking for qualified candidates to join the Savavo team, even though positions may not be posted. Should you feel that you might be a good fit for our organization, we invite you to reach out and send us your resume.