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Our Vision. Our Mission. Our Beliefs.


“The business enterprise has two and only two basic functions: Marketing and Innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.”

Peter Drucker Father of Management Theory


Our Mission & Vision

  • Vision Statement: To urn marketing into a science.
  • Why Statement: The more businesses understand about marketing the stronger they become, the faster their companies grow, and the more power they have to change the world. .

Our Beliefs

  • OWN YOUR MARKET: Here at Savavo, we believe marketing to be the core function of your business no matter what you sell. We believe that the marketing and sales systems you choose to implement should be your executive’s primary focus and that the quality of your marketing department is a direct reflection of your business’s growth and gain. This is the spirit of Savavo: no matter the industry, we will help you own your market.

Our Icon

  • THE COUGAR: The cougar is an apex predator. It dominates the food chain, is as difficult to catch as it is to chase, and is strategic enough to stay on top. At Savavo, we aspire to become like the cougar because it epitomizes our quest to own the market. Does your business have what it takes to be like the cougar? Let us help you in your journey to the top; on your journey to owning your market. Come with us– come join the hunt.